Country/Region Project Title Founding Source
Burkina Faso Development of a Community-based Tourism Complex in Bazoule ST-EP Foundation
Burkina Faso /
Benin / Niger
Tourism Development Strategic Plan for Park W Italian Government
Cameroon Development of a Network for Promotion and Capacity Building for Running Bird Watching Tours SNV
Sustainable Community-based Tourism and Private Enterprise Development in Ebogo
Ethiopia Chencha-Dorze Tourism and Handicrafts Development Project ST-EP Foundation
Ecotourism Development in Bale Mountains National Park SNV
Konso Community Tourism Project ST-EP Foundation
Pro-Poor Tourism Business Linkages with Accommodation Providers SNV
Ghana Development of Eco-Cultural Tourism in Butre and Dixcove Italian Government
Development of Local Market Linkages in Tourism Supply Chain and Community-based Tourism Enterprises Capacity for Poverty Reduction in the Western Region
Savannaland Destination Tourism Programme ST-EP Foundation
Guinea Ecotourism Development in Sangareah in the Dubreka Region ST-EP Foundation
Kenya Business Case for Wildlife Conservation in Kasigau Community IUCN Netherlands
ST-EP Foundation
Enhanced Market Access for Community-based Tourism Products ST-EP Foundation
The Kitengela Footbridge Project ST-EP Foundation
Enhancement of Local Employment in Amboseli Tourism Destination through the Creation of a Pioneer Vocational Tourism Training School IUCN Netherlands
ST-EP Foundation
Madagascar Development of Community-based Ecotourism in the Anjozorobe-Angavo Protected Area ST-EP Foundation
Mali Creation of a Network for Responsible Tourism Italian Government
Expanding Ecotourism Activities: Agricultural Supply to Hotels in Sangha
Expanding Ecotourism Activities: Ecotourism Promotion in Siby
Expanding Ecotourism Activities: Guide Training in Mopti
Expanding Ecotourism Activities: Guide Training in Djenne, Sangha and Siby
Health Protection for Female Artisans in Djenne
Strengthening the Capacities of Tourism Stakeholders at Douentza and d'Hombori within the Framework of Ecotourism Development and Promotion of the Elephants of Gourma ST-EP Foundation
Mozambique Community-based Lodges Training Programme ST-EP Foundation
Supporting Platform for Inhambane ST-EP Tourism Initiatives ST-EP Foundation
Rwanda Guidelines for Community-based Tourism SNV
Congo-Nile Trail ST-EP Foundation
Senegal Strengthening Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Saint Louis and Louga Italian Government
Responsible Tourism Promotion in Saint Louis and Louga
South Africa Pro-Poor Tourism Leadership and Empowerment Training to Pondoland Community Trust SNV
Southern Africa Marketing Support for Community-based Tourism (RETOSA Network) SNV
United Republic of Tanzania Cultural Tourism Enhancement and Diversification Programme ST-EP Foundation
Pangani-Saadani Coastal Protection ST-EP Foundation
Uluguru Mountains Ecotourism Project IUCN Netherlands
ST-EP Foundation
West Africa Multidestination Marketing Programme for Benin , Burkina Faso , Ghana , Mali , Niger , Senegal and Togo Italian Government
Network of Cross-Border National Parks and Protected Areas in 9 Countries: Benin, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Sierra Leone ST-EP Foundation
Zambia Village Action for Sustainable Tourism ST-EP Foundation