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10,000 people visit ST-EP event in Angkor Wat
December 12, 2005

The Korea-Cambodian “Two Countries One Destination” weekend tourism promotion came to a successful conclusion on Monday. Approximately 10,000 people enjoyed the Public Day program and took part in events outside the east gate of Angkor Wat on December 10th and 11th. The project was co-hosted by the UNWTO ST-EP Foundation and Cambodia’s Government Tourism Task Force for Poverty Alleviation in order to develop and promote tourism in both countries through a dynamic cultural program for people visiting Angkor Wat at Siem Reap.The opening performance was on December 9th. Korean Ambassadors Dho Young-shim and Lee Han-gon, along with Cambodian Ministers Veng Sereyvuth and Tea Banh were in attendance. They spoke about eliminating poverty through sustainable tourism as it fits within the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for the 21st century. They emphasized the importance of continued support and attention from governments and organizations in related fields. Events included Korea’s Dulsori percussion performance, Cambodias Apsara traditional dance and fashion shows of traditional clothing. The sampling booth and display corner at the food expo were also especially popular. Visitors enjoyed Korean traditional games and activities, such as arrow throwing, spinning the wheel and carving totem poles. Tourist brochures and posters promoting famous Korean and Cambodian sites were provided at a promotion booth set up by the ST-EP Foundation. The final event on Monday was the Seminar on Poverty Alleviation through Tourism, facilitated by Sok An, Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia.

ST-EP wraps up debut conference in Monaco
September 09, 2005

The first ST-EP Conference of Global Leaders was held on September 9th in Monaco. ST-EP stands for Sustainable Tourism Eliminating Poverty. The conference theme was Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Sports. It was held during the IAAF Athletic Finals to ensure that numerous international sporting leaders would be in attendance. They included high-level officials from Olympic organizations and sports NGOs, along with representatives of the tourism industry, governments and more. Prince Albert II of Monaco was the keynote luncheon speaker.Korean Ambassador of Tourism and Sports Dho Young-shim was Co-chairperson of the ST-EP Preparatory Committee. She emphasized that the conference was not about simply condemning poverty. “We need to talk about and plan how to really alleviate poverty in tangible ways” she said.Tommy Sithole, IOC Director of International Co-operation and Development, agreed that those affected do not need more discussions about the nature of poverty. "There are great opportunities for sustainable development for us through tourism and sports,” he said, “but the help that we really need is help to be able to do it by ourselves."Andre Gorgemans, Executive Director of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry discussed the economics of the sport industry, which generates approximately $120 billion US annually, a figure that is generally increasing. He talked about the relationship between tourism and sports, including how they have impacted Asian economies over the past 50 years. “Sport is undoubtedly an economic factor for many developing nations," he said.The tourism and sport industries are among the world’s largest, representing enormous potential for economic and national development. Together, tourism and sports can generate employment, foster education and cultivate peace. Focusing that synergy on sustainable efforts makes longterm poverty alleviation a very achievable goal. There are already ST-EP projects in Ethiopia, Cameroon and Cambodia. ST-EP aims to establish as many as 2,000 projects by 2010, including some related to sports. A blueprint book based on conference discussions will be distributed to WTO member states, along with various international travel and tourism associations. The next Conference of Global Leaders will likely be in Torino to coincide with the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

January 01, 2005


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